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Frequently Asked Questions
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My account is locked for 24 hours. How can I unlock it?

Account Information

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    Account Information

    ONUS keeps your profile up to date and allows you to edit your personal information quickly.

    My Profile

    In order to view/update your profile in our system, we'll need to click the avatar icon (up left corner) in the home screen then select My Profile, here will display

    • Personal information: You can view your username, email, social network account (if any), date of joining ONUS,... updated during account registration. You can edit such information as necessary.
    • Account type: My Profile section shows your account type determined by the individual VIP level.

    For example, if you have done basic KYC, you are an ONUS Broker. Once upgraded to VIP 4, your account type is Country Partner.

    In addition, if you want to change your account type to enjoy more privileges from ONUS, you can upgrade to VIP following our detailed instructions at VIP Level.

    Base Currency

    The base currency is the first coin in the currency pair, indicating the quoted amount required to have one unit of the remaining currency. You will make all transactions on the ONUS app in VNDC and USDT* assets. 

    To select the Base Currency, go to the application's Settings and choose VNDC/USDT to use during the transaction. 

    *VNDC is a stablecoin pegged to VND at a fixed rate: 1 VND = 1 VNDC, and it can be used to trade all existing portfolios in the ONUS app. 

    *USDT is a stablecoin denominated in USD at a fixed rate: 1 USD = 1 USDT, and is only used with the ONUS app's display and exchange functions.

    Link Bank Accounts or E-wallets

    To start buying or selling VNDC transactions on the ONUS app, you need to link your bank account/e-wallet according to the following instructions.

    • On the Setting, select Payment
    • Click Add account to add a bank account or Add wallet to add an e-wallet account 
    • Enter your account information and click Add
    • For Bank Account, please enter your account number and select your bank. 
    • For E-wallets, please select the currency (VND/USD/EUR/JPY), enter the phone number and select the type of e-wallet.

    Note: We limit the number of bank accounts you can link to an ONUS account for security purposes. We also limit the number of ONUS accounts to which a bank account can be linked.

    My Partner

    My Partner feature is supposed to make it easier for Business Partners and users to connect. As a result, ONUS users can easily access the partner group to participate in discussions, update information, and get help quickly when needed. On the other hand, partners will find it easier to develop their communities and support their users. 

     In order to add a new partner, we'll need the following:

    • Select My Partner from the avatar icon in the upper left corner
    • Enter your partner's ONUS account ID or phone number/email address and click Add

    Learn more about the benefits of the Partners Program.