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VIP Level

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    VIP Level

    The VIP policy is the one that rates the user account with changes in the transaction limit of each level. This policy divides the user account into ten classes, from VIP 0 to VIP 9

    • VIP 0: For accounts that have not completed KYC
    • VIP 1: For accounts that have done basic KYC
    • VIP 2: For accounts with advanced KYC
    • VIP 3: Broker
    • VIP 4: Partner
    • VIP 5: Regional partner
    • VIP 6: Country Partner
    • VIP 7-8-9: For accounts reaching the required transaction limit

    For levels from VIP 2 and above, you can ultimately make all transactions with an increased limit for each account type.

    VIP upgrade conditions

    To upgrade a VIP account, ONUS requires customers to complete account verification for VIP 1 and VIP 2. For accounts of VIP 3 and above, you need to hold a minimum amount of ONUS or reach the required number of transactions for each level.


    Account Level

    Minimum amount of ONUS 

    VIP 0


    VIP 1


    VIP 2


    VIP 3


    VIP 4


    VIP 5


    VIP 6


    VIP 7


    VIP 8


    VIP 9



    Upgrade/Downgrade VIP automatically on the app

    • At the home screen, select the icon avatar (upper left corner)

    • In the Settings section, select VIP Level

    The screen displays necessary information about the account as well as the conditions to increase the VIP class (Account's Current VIP level, Achieved volume of trade, ONUS balance). You need to ensure the conditions according to each VIP level to be upgraded/downgraded.

    • Choose Upgrade/Downgrade


    • If you don't have enough ONUS balance, you need to buy more ONUS to be upgraded to the desired VIP level.
    • VIP downgrade requests will be checked and reviewed in 7 days.
    • You can keep your current account VIP by clicking cancel the VIP downgrade request.