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VIP Level

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    VIP Level

    Starting from January 21, 2024, ONUS introduces a new VIP upgrade mechanism without the requirement of a deposit.

    VIP Upgrade Conditions

    For VIP levels 1 and 2, ONUS will require you to complete full account verification. However, to upgrade to VIP level 3, you need to meet one of the following three criteria to be eligible for the corresponding VIP upgrade:

    • ONUS balance(Farming, ONUS Shares, and Partner deposits)
    • Conversion trading volume within the last 30 days. (Conversion trading volume between Stablecoin pairs are not counted)
    • Futures trading volume within the last 30 days.
    VIP Level

    ONUS balance (Farming, ONUS Shares, and Partner deposits)

    Exchange Trading Volume (VNDC)

    (30 days)

    Futures Trading Volume (VNDC)

    (30 days)

    VIP 0 For accounts that have not completed KYC
    VIP 1 For accounts that have done basic KYC
    VIP 2 For accounts with advanced KYC
    VIP 3 5,000 500 million 10 billion
    VIP 4 20,000 10 billion 120 billion
    VIP 5 50,000 20 billion 240 billion
    VIP 6 100,000 40 billion 480 billion
    VIP 7 200,000 100 billion 1,200 billion
    VIP 8 500,000 150 billion 2,400 billion
    VIP 9 1,000,0000 200 billion 4,800 billion

    For VIP levels starting from VIP 2, you can conduct all transactions with gradually increasing limits for each account type.

    Maintenance Conditions

    Regularly, the system will scan for VIP maintenance conditions.

    • If you meet 1 of the 3 conditions, you will be invited to upgrade or continue maintaining your current level.
    • If you do not meet the conditions, you will automatically be downgraded to the nearest level that satisfies 1 of the 3 conditions.

    Note: When upgrading to a Business Partner, users will no longer simultaneously upgrade VIP as before and can only upgrade VIP through the new mechanism.

    Guide to Upgrading VIP Account

    Step 1: On the main screen, select Settings in the bottom left corner.

    Step 2: Select VIP Level

    Step 3: Select "VIP Tiers" to track the privileges for each level and maintenance conditions.

    Step 4: Select Upgrade.

    When you meet 1 of the 3 conditions for upgrading VIP, the screen will display the Upgrade button.

    Details about the benefits of each level can be found here.