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Frequently Asked Questions
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Account Security

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    Account Security

    Through optimized intelligent features on the application, ONUS always ensures security criteria for users. The following steps you must take to protect your account while using ONUS.

    Activate Smart OTP

    1. After logging in, the home screen will display a request to activate Smart OTP; select Activate now

    In case the request doesn’t pop up, or you want to reset Smart OTP: Go to the avatar icon in the upper left corner of the main screen, go to Settings, select Smart OTP.

    2. Enter the correct 4 digits of the OTP verification code sent to the registered email address or phone number, click Verify

    3. After activating successfully, click Continue to use the application

    When activating the Smart OTP feature, instead of entering the OTP code received from email or phone number (SMS), the user will get the OTP code generated on the application to authenticate the transaction. Also:

    • The Smart OTP code that appears automatically changes every 30 seconds
    • This OTP code will be established with only one device on which the user is using ONUS app
    • If you reset Smart OTP, some features in your account will be locked within 24 hours

    Your Password

    If you revealed the login information or forgot the password when using an account, ONUS can assist you in creating a new password through the following 2 features.

    Change Password

    1. On the home screen, select the avatar icon (upper left corner)

    2. Select the item Change Password

    3. Enter the current password, create a new password, and done

    Forgot password

    1. At the login screen, select Forgot Password

    2. Enter the phone number/email registered for the account

    3. Tap Recover Password

    4. The system will send a verification code to the phone number/email you have registered. After completing the authentication, you will have the right to change the new password

    Your asset unstake features will be locked within 24 hours of changing your password for security reasons.

    Report Scam

    Report Scam utility supports customers to report fraud and scam information on ONUS application

    At the home screen, select Report Scam in the Features  section. The Report fraud screen shows categories of reportable information. If you know the information of the scammer, please continue with the following steps:

    1. Enter the requested information about the scammer

    (Ensure your information is accurate)

    2. In the Description section, state the scam method, status, and wish to resolve

    3. Confirm the information and click Send to report

    Once the report is submitted and approved by Cystack, you will receive a 1 WHC token/report reward from our Cystack partner.

    About Cystack Utility

    1. On the home screen, select CyStack at Utility

    2. Select Anti-scam service to enable the feature

    3. An introductory line will appear on the screen. Please refer to it and click Subscription to activate it

    4. Select the appropriate service subscription and click Confirm*

    5. The screen will display a notice of the amount you have to pay for the service package; click Confirm again to complete

    After activating the Cystack utility, when making transactions to send On-chain/Off-chain assets, the system will analyze the safety of the wallet address, the receiving account and send a warning to the user.

    *To help consumers diversify their options, CyStack offers three weekly, monthly, and yearly service packages. Each bundle will have a separate service price, which will be covered by WHC Token.

    Learn more about: Privacy Policy