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Exchange Transaction

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    Exchange Transaction

    Exchange is the transaction of converting assets in pairs from VNDC/USDT* to another one or vice versa. There are two types of exchange rates on ONUS, both of which are updated every 10 seconds:

    • The ask price, also known as the selling offer, will usually be higher
    • The bid price will usually be lower

    Price Display

    • The price displayed in the Investment section or on the asset/token details page is the bid price
    • The total value of the user's assets is calculated according to the asking price

    *VNDC and USDT are two stablecoins used on the ONUS ecosystem with a price pegged to:

    1 VNDC = 1 VND

    1 USDT ~ 23,773 VNDC

    Conversion guide

    1. On the home screen, click Exchange under Total Assets

    2. Select the asset you want to buy (below) or the one you want to sell (above) 

    Current Rate, Minimum Transaction and Available Balance are all listed below. You can press the reverse icon to reverse the exchange.

    3. Enter the number of assets you want to convert. You can click Max to select the maximum quantity

    4. Press Exchange

    In addition, you can also find assets and make an exchange with quick access to the Invest section on the main menu bar.