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Investment Portfolios

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    Investment Portfolios

    To invest effectively, you need to have a specific understanding of cost management methods, profit/loss, and how to monitor the signals of a digital asset. The following article will guide you in detail: What do you need to understand to track the above portfolios?

    Buy and sell signals of a token

    ONUS provides buy/sell signals of a token based on a combination of popular technical indicators, supporting users to make short-term or long-term investment decisions, specifically:

    Short-term (H1)

    • Buy: Short-term buying rate
    • Neutral: Short-term neutral ratio
    • Sell: Short-term selling rate

    Long-term (D1)

    • Buy: Long-term buying rate
    • Neutral: Long-term neutral ratio
    • Sell: Long-term selling rate

    Portfolio management of assets

    List of available classified assets

    • All: All digital assets are currently supported on ONUS
    • Top 100: 100 digital assets classified according to the increase/decrease of price volatility, market cap or volume
    • Trending: The most interesting digital asset
    • Gainer: Digital assets having the most significant increase in the price range
    • Loser: Digital assets having the most significant decrease in the price range
    • New Listing: New listing Digital Assets

    In addition, each category is classified by price volatility, market cap or volume. You can sort in descending/ascending order.


    This directory lists the digital assets you are holding on ONUS. You can easily follow the amount and increase/decrease of each token you own here. Click on each one to follow the details of the investment activity.

    List of assets classified by function

    • NFT: Digital asset belonging to the group of Non-fungible tokens
    • DEFI: Digital assets belonging to Decentralized Finances
    • Blockchain Network: Digital asset representing a blockchain platform
    • Exchange: Digital asset that represents exchanges
    • Metaverse: Digital assets representing Metaverse projects


    This area includes subjects such as #Top 100, #NFT, #Start-up, and #GameFi, among others, allows users to easily track properties by topic. To view the related token list, click on each one.

    Cost and profit/loss calculator

    • Cost and Profit/Loss figures are automatically recorded based on customer transactions at 02 unique features: Exchange and P2P Trading

    • The system records data from your first transaction on the ONUS application. If there is a change in the number of tokens and the exchange rate that is not from the P2P Conversion and Transaction (Example: Receiving an off-chain/on-chain transfer token from another user), you can create a cost price by manually entering the required information. The system will automatically compute your costs and profit/loss

    Instructions to Initialize Cost

    1. On the home screen, select Invest on the main Menu bar

    2. In the Portfolio, select the asset you want to follow cost and profit/loss

    3. The system displays information about the selected property

    • Balance: Show the number of tokens you are holding and the value of that token

    • Average Cost: The system estimates the average price used to purchase that amount of tokens

    • Profit/loss: The system estimates profit/loss percentage and the value of that profit/loss

    The system quoted units of the base currency, following VNDC or USDT.

    4. In the Initializing cost window, enter the required information

    Once you've completed the form, click Save. The system will notify you when the transaction is added successfully.


    • You can create more Buy/Sell transactions. The system will save these data, then combine them with automatically updated data from Exchange and P2P transactions to calculate Cost and Profit/Loss.

    • In case that you enter it incorrectly or wish to amend the transaction's details, you can click on the transaction and select Edit/Delete transaction. To erase all manually entered transactions, click Reset.