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Crypto Loan

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    Crypto Loan

    Crypto Loan allows you to create a mortgage loan by Bitcoin, Ethereum, ONUS,... with 24% interest. Accordingly, ONUS will apply mortgage limits of 80%, 60%, 50%, 30%, and 25% to each type of digital asset listed in the Crypto Loan section. You can create/settle a loan according to the detailed instructions below.

    Instructions to create a Crypto Loan

    1. On the home screen, select Crypto Loan in the Features section 
    2. Click Create a new loan
    3. Choose the collateral

    Each type of collateral has a different loan limit.

    1. Select the currency you want to disburse

    ONUS is currently supporting disbursement in VNDC, depending on the type of collateral.

    1. Fill in Loan Information
    • Amount of money you want to borrow: Enter quantity according to demand
    • Interest payment method: Choose 1 of 3 forms of interest payment: Daily (0.067%), Weekly (0.47%), Monthly (2%)
    • The system will automatically display the number of assets to be mortgaged and the current interest rate
    1. Click Create a new loan and confirm to complete

    Instructions for settling Crypto Loan

    1. On the home screen, select Crypto Loan in the Features section
    2. Find and view loan details
    3. Select Settle and enter the desired settlement amount. The system will automatically display the loan interest and the total amount paid off.

    Notes regarding loan making

    • When the market fluctuates strongly, the margin ratio RTT (RTT = Value of collateral / Loan value) reaches 1.06, the system will automatically convert the collateral into VNDC and pay off the loan.
    • If you settle smaller assets than the loan, the remaining balance will form a new loan. You only pay daily interest based on this new loan.
    • The system will automatically collect periodic interest on the cycle selected by you. If the available balance is not enough to pay interest on the loan, the system will automatically charge that interest to the customer's debt.