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Frequently Asked Questions
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    Official information channels of ONUS

    1. Website: https://goonus.io/en/
    2. Facebook Fanpage: ONUS
    3. Telegram
    1. Twitter: @ONUSFinance
    2. Youtube: ONUS

    ONUS customer care channels

    Customer Care Policy

    • Working time: 1 AM - 7 PM UTC. All days of the week, including weekends and public holidays
    • Policy for handling, answering and taking care of customers

    Please contact the support channel that best suits your case for the fastest resolution.

    1. For questions, answers, user manuals and policies, and programs at ONUS, please get in touch with our Fanpage or Telegram.
    2. For problems with account verification (KYC) errors, transaction errors, system errors, account lockouts, etc., please handle it through a support request (Ticket) on the app or ONUS website (will be detailed in the following section).

    Submit a support request (Ticket) on the ONUS application

    1. On the home screen, select Support under the Features section
    2. Select Create Ticket/icon (upper right corner) to create a request
    3. Fill in the information required for support
    • Problem classification: Search and select problems proposed by ONUS, such as:

    - Error buying/selling VNDC: Issues and questions related to VNDC buying or selling transactions, either directly or through a partner.

    - On-chain transaction error: Issues and questions related to transfers, withdrawals from ONUS wallets to wallets at other exchanges, or vice versa. 

    - Conversion error: Issues and questions related to coin, share conversion transactions...v.v.

    - Change account information, KYC: Issues, questions, requests to change information, and verify accounts. 

    - P2P transaction error: Issues and questions related to policies and transactions on the P2P trading system. 

    - Other issues: Issues not covered by the above scope.

    • Transaction ID (optional): The transaction code is displayed on the transaction details.
    • Title: Briefly state the problem encountered
    • Description: Describe your questions, problems, and requests in detail so that the support staff can resolve them as quickly as possible.
    • Attached image (optional): Please attach a picture of the problem. Example: Transaction photos, error screenshots, etc.
    1. Click Create a ticket

    Tickets will be sent to the ONUS Support Center and processed within 72 hours.

    Follow support request responses

    1. On the main screen, select Support under the Features section
    2. Default screen shows tickets in Open status

    Besides, you can filter requests (tickets) by status Open/Processing/Close/Processed/All.

    1. Select and press the request (ticket) you want to see. Here you can view the details of the delivery time, sent information and detailed response from Customer Care.


    • Your request will be processed in up to 3 days (72 hours), from the last response time, in order from old to new. Therefore, you should note not to create many new tickets and continuously respond to an issue to avoid losing information and being pushed back in the processing order.
    • In addition, your support requests will also be confirmed and responded to via the email registered at ONUS.

    Sending a support request via the website is similar, you need to visit https://support.goonus.io/en/ and send information to us like the steps above the application.